Gals! 1990’s Shoujo Manga Sequel Comes to an End

Ran’s grand comeback comes to a close.

Image Credit: Shueisha

It was 1998 when we first met the titular protagonist Kotobuki Ran (寿 蘭) in Mihona Fujii’s (藤井みほな) GALS! (ギャルズ!) shoujo manga. From hanging out with her friends to keeping the Shibuya district straight, Ran manages to get by without losing sight of what it means to be a girl in late 90s early 2000s Tokyo. A sequel to the shoujo classic, dubbed GALS!!, was released in November 2019 and earlier this week, it’s come to an end.

The original manga ran from 1998 to 2002 in Shueisha’s magazine Ribon. This serialization was compiled into 10 manga volumes. After its release, an anime titled Super GALS! was released in 2001 with a total of 52 episodes.

The story follows Ran and her friends through a series of adventures ranging from shopping to busting bad guys to keep their district safe. Ran comes from a family of police offers and used to have a strong desire to become a cop herself but has since lost that ambition—but definitely hasn’t lost her sense of justice.

The sequel takes place in 2002, picking up right where the original manga left off. Fans of the original series have been met with a continuation of their favorite crime-fighting shoujo rather than a revamp or future follow-up. This sequel has lasted three years and helped revitalize love for the classic shoujo.

If you want to check out the original story, you can watch Super GALS! over at Crunchyroll. The original manga is also available at Amazon for anyone that wants to peruse the source material in its entirety.

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