Anpanman Gets New Movie in 2023 Set for June Release

A tasty new development in the classic franchise makes its way to the big screen.

Image Credit: TMS Entertainment

The beloved classic Anpanman (アンパンマン) continues with a new movie set to release on June 30th of 2023. The movie is titled “Soreike! Anpanman Roboly and Warm Present” with additional details shared on the new Anpanman movie website.

If you’re new to Anpanman, this franchise first began in 1973 as a picture book series created by Takashi Yanase (やなせ たかし). It follows the adventures of superhero Anpanman who battles against Baikinman and encounters a huge myriad of supporting characters along the way. This series quickly evolved into one of the biggest franchises in Japan and is still one of the biggest around today.

This new movie takes place in a new setting known as Comet Robo, a home to robots that can make anything. A robotic girl named Roboly lives in the land of Comet Robo who is remarkably skilled at creating things but unfortunately encounters something she’s unable to make herself. This jumpstarts her journey outside of Comet Robo.

Roboly sets off with her robotic bird companion Koto and together find a present with a music box inside. Determined to find the owner, they encounter Anpanman World. Will Anpanman be able to help his new friends find the owner?

This movie falls on the franchise’s 50th anniversary and 35 years after its anime debut. To keep up with the latest Anpanman movie news, check out the official website and be sure to check back regularly for updates.

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